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As my name implies, I am a Torontonian (a city otherwise known as “the 6ix”) who likes to lead an unpretentiously bohemian life (“bohemian” as in its dictionary definition of “someone who disregards conventional rules and practices”, and not as in the “dangly jewelry and loose-fitting clothes lover” interpretation). Actress by trade and businesswoman by chance. A feminist (something that unfortunately still isn’t an universal occurrence in this day and age). An avid art lover. An even more avid people lover, regardless of their sex (intelligence is the ultimate aphrodisiac in my world). A passionate reader (of grown-up literature, none of that teenage nonsense that advertises as “universal read” please!). A foodie, (but then who isn’t nowadays?!) who’s never posted a photo of a beautifully decorated plate on Instagram in her life. A photography lover (black and white is my thing!). A wine-drinker (the drier the better, keep the sweet stuff away from me!). A very sexual creature, which, as a woman, is something one is taught to never emphasize, but said stigma has never been something I’ve adhered to. Someone who loves to play dress-up (but hates clothes shopping – if only they could magically appear at my door….. Oh, wait, they can!!!) but I digress… A traveler, who immensely enjoys first hand learning about other cultures and languages. A political person, who likes to know much more than the news’ latest covfefe.

I will write about all kinds of things that interest/affect/irritate/delight/sadden/entertain/arouse me. Stay tuned.

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